How do you thank someone for saving a life?

How do you thank someone for saving a life?  What about hundreds of lives? 

It is because of the generosity of donors like Women in Philanthropy and the hard work of St Anthony’ nurses, physicians and support staff that lives are being saved every day.

St. Anthony’s Critical Care and Emergency Department would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for providing the resources and equipment needed to care of our most critical patients.

Thank you all for being part of the lifesaving team.  
Your support helps our ability to assist and provide exceptional care to all of our community. Please know your support helps change lives every day.

This is why I want you to know how important your philanthropy is to our hospital.

Click here for more photos from the 2018 Fall Women in Philanthropy Lunch & Learn.

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How do you thank someone for saving a life?

LUCAS™ CPR. Keeping the flow up. In order to be able to save the lives of sudden

cardiac arrest patients and avoid neurological damage,

a steady supply of oxygen to the heart and brain is necessitated.

Life-sustaining circulation can be created through

effective and uninterrupted chest compressions.  $15,000.00 per machine.