About Our Foundation

St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation was founded as a way for the community to invest in the health care needs of the community. We encourage a lively dialogue with philanthropists on the best ways to improve the health of all we serve including research that leads to improved outcomes, technology that is at the forefront of innovation and services that address the social factors affecting health. The Foundation welcomes intelligent conversation about what matters most and seeks to align the mission of the hospital with funding priorities of donors.

Founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany with a mission to serve, St. Anthony’s Hospital team members strive to advance the level of compassionate care we provide to patients and the community. St. Anthony's Hospital offers advanced medical technologies and outstanding physicians who care for you as a whole person with dignity and respect. St. Anthony's continues to be the premier hospital of choice in St. Petersburg with continuous external and internal improvements to better meet the needs of our community. St. Anthony's truly is where technology meets compassion.

St. Anthony’s has forever changed the course of health care for St. Petersburg. Medicine has advanced significantly since the founding of St. Anthony’s Hospital, yet one constant has remained — OUR COMMITMENT TO PUTTING OUR PATIENTS FIRST. 

The mission of St. Anthony's Hospital Foundation is to advocate, educate and communicate the value of the hospital to our community.

St. Anthony's Hospital Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.