David Meehan

“My relationship with St. Anthony’s began 60 years ago with my mother taking great pride as a registered nurse in charge of obstetrics. This relationship turned into my lifeline after all three of my children were born at St. Anthony’s. The level of care this faith-based hospital provides has deeply impressed me, and in turn, this lifeline has evolved into a passion of mine. The Sisters of Allegany have a way of making you feel like family. Because the sentiment of this rare network is contagious, I found myself wanting more. As a hospital board member, I can honestly say I leave meetings feeling enriched and very proud of my involvement with St. Anthony’s. The services this organization provides will exceed your expectations, but the outreach programs stretch far beyond the hospital walls and into the heart of St. Petersburg. This is why I am here today — I get to belong to something so much larger than myself.”


David Meehan St. Anthony’s Hospital Board Member

david meehan