Chronic Care

When chronic patients come to a hospital, it is normally during crisis. We aim to address these issues before they happen with the development of a chronic care model to manage patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, congestive heart failure and cancer. This model combines multidisciplinary teams of medical providers with in-person communication, coordinating follow-up, decision support and self-management.

With grants from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and Trinity Health, the Foundation is able to help support the Diabetes Education & Prevention Program at St. Anthony's Hospital.  The Diabetes Program has a mission to provide easily accessible educational opportunities for diabetes self-management, at no cost, for the uninsured residents of St. Petersburg.

A team approach to diabetes often leads to the best outcomes for patients, studies show.  Outreach collaboration with certified diabetes educators from the LifeHelp Nutrition and Diabetes Center and Faith Community Nursing volunteers at St. Anthony’s Hospital for those who qualify is essential to meet the needs of those with Type 2 diabetes.


The desired outcomes of this grant are to offer easily accessible education visits and follow-up support for qualified candidates for one year to improve diabetes control and reduce complications through patient centered education, identified lifestyle and self-care behavioral goals and support.

diabetes self care