Funding Priorities

Your generous gifts can provide medical treatment for under-served and uninsured patients, advance research and emerging technologies, support patient education programs and fund chronic disease prevention initiatives. Join us to close the gap of unmet needs in our health care system and raise the bar for clinical excellence.

Expansion and Renovation - Each year, St. Anthony’s cares for an estimated 100,000 emergency center admissions more than 50,000 inpatient admissions. Funding of capital projects ensures St. Anthony’s has the resources and facilities to treat all those that turn to us in their moment of need.

Naming Opportunities

Advanced Technologies Our facilities are equipped with some of the newest medical technology and medical innovations possible.

Providing the most sought-after robotic treatment, St. Anthony's has one of the world’s most technologically advanced operating rooms. It provides the region’s best clinical setting for surgeries with state-of-the-art equipment and offers a space for providers and partners to collaborate to revolutionize care.

da Vinci Robot

Continuing Education - We seek to educate compassionate health care professionals to keep our teams’ skills sharp as we introduce more advanced procedures and technologies. 

The Foundation grants scholarships to qualified team members. Team Members may also apply for financial aid in attending professional conferences and seminars to improve their knowledge and skills. Finally, the foundation supports a unique program called “Earn as you Learn,” which enables non-clinical team members the opportunity to embark on a career in nursing by paying them while they attend classes.

Scholarship Recipient


Programs and Services - When needs transcend the scope of traditional medicine, we employ programs and services supplemental to health care but central to our patients’ well-being.

A community hospital must serve the needs of its residents. When needs transcend the scope of traditional medicine, SAHF employs programs and services that are supplemental to health care but central to patients’ well-being. These initiatives rely largely on philanthropic support and grant funding. 


Research and Innovation - If it strengthens our patients’ trust in us, we’re striving for it. And if it’s never been done before, we’re determined to do it: because there’s always a better way.