Love Lights

On the roof of St. Anthony’s Hospital sits a Christmas tree. Every light shining represents a special memory and twinkles to honor or remember your loved ones this holiday season. 

To pay tribute to those with a special place in your heart, tree lights are available for purchase. These Love Lights are $10 each or 3 for $25. All proceeds will benefit the St. Anthony’s Hospital Foundation.

Love Lights Dedicated to...

Philip Graham, Jr.
Stephanie Graham
Philip Graham IV
Kelly Graham
Paris Graham
Peyton Graham
Megan Graham Grove
Timothy John Grove
Gracie Sylvia Grove
Elizabeth Graham Nurse
Jason Rauch
Diane Rauch 
Stefan G Czerkas
Ross Bender
Tamara Kulyk
Amy and Charley Brink
Elisabeth Wall
Weston Wall
Richard Shonter
Jamie Wall
Lucas and Alex Wall
Bill Colville
Jean Suggitt
Doug Collins
Bill and Jean Colville
Frank Harrison SR 101st Birthday
Brian Rhodes
Kelsea 5th Birthday
Patrick 2nd Birthday
SAH Quality Team
Harry Wallace
Erin and Matt Milburn
Dennis and Anna Moran
Jon Cook​​​​​​​

Marjorie Cutting
Eileen Allard
Charles Allard
Wayne Allard
Gene and Henry Towery
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jeamine Hascall

Ellen Fales
Dave Pfefferle
Dr. William A. Hunter Jr.
Dr. Dwight Valentine
Lindsey Swanson
Amy Swanson
Joellen Wooten
Olive Swanson-Wooten
Lukas Parrish
Wilder Swanson-Wooten
Walt Liszewski 
Kass Family
Till Family
Schoeppner Family
Monagan Family
Monaghan Family
Perty Schoeppner
Bob Coasta
Merry Vogeler
Tvonne Vogeler
Angelina Finelli
Joseph Finelli Sr.
Michael Brusini
Pamela Burford
Lydia Gargand
Louise Larkin
Walter Larkin
Henrike Valensky
Tina Roemert
Bruno Roemert
Eddie Maloof
Lanny King, Sr.
Maxine King
Violette Koons
B.H.B. Koons
Danny R. King
Benjamin Koons
Priscilla Young
Connie Kone
Donald Jaicks
Jack Pilsbury
Doly Costas
Anna Costas

Diane Davis
David Davis
Celma and Gene Mastry
Kris Paula Bowen
Rob and Jason Bowen
Julie Mastry
Scott Schecter
Alex Bowen
June Wedding
Bobby Christmas
Eve Stargeant
Jame and Caleb Shannon
Julie and Roy Shannon
Mr. Andrew Shannon
Ted and Eileen Shannon
John, Jenn, and Jude Shannon
Carmen and Sean Shannon
Robert and Nancy Shannon
Tori, Luke, and Cole Schomp
Barbara Betior
Courtney Shannon
Paula and Troy Pottis
Father John Mullet
Sr. Mary McNally OSF
Deceased Members of Shannon Family
Deceased Members of Prior Family
Robert C. Punzak
Paul T. Hart
James A. Hart
Gill Graus
Margaret Crist Wood
Talbot C Boudreau Sr.
Elecia P. Boudreau
Olivia J. Farrezs
Rev. Alvin Miller
Carolyn Warren
Mary Anne Cross
Sister Gladys Sharkey
Mr. John Longquist
Mrs. Sarah Longquist
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Russell
Gus Raphtis