Mental Health

St. Anthony’s Hospital Behavioral Health Center, part of BayCare Health System, is a 50-bed inpatient psychiatric unit that offers 24-hour nursing care for adults dealing with behavioral disorders and addictions. Our experienced team is comprised of psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, case managers and mental health technicians. St. Anthony’s Hospital Behavioral Health Center is a Baker Act-receiving facility.

The Foundation supports a behavioral health program called Pathways to Hope, which offers counseling and referrals to clients, and guidance to family and friends who support the client on their journey to recovery.  The program also assists families through the maze of mental illness and addiction, and connects them with emergent and routine clinical resources in Tampa Bay and beyond.  The primary services include personalized coaching to meet their goals, delivering timely connection to community resources related to their needs, and providing training and support groups for coping.  

  • Coaching: Assisting individuals and families in meeting their personal goals by listening, guiding and encouraging.
  • Navigating: Delivering timely connection for individuals and families to identify resources in the community related to their behavioral health needs.
  • Educating: Providing training and support groups relating to behavioral health as well as assisting families and the community with resources to cope.


"We thank you so much for this generous donation to the program. Mental illness impacts all members of a family but so many don’t want to discuss it because there is still a stigma attached to it. We need to start talking about it because the earlier we intervene, the better the outcome.”

-Gail Ryder 
Vice President of
Behavioral Health Services