Benefits of Gifts in Will

All it takes is a simple addition to your existing documents. We can provide you sample language to give to your attorney.


You can easily alter or revoke down the road if needed. 


Give a specific asset or percentage of your estate. Support a particular program or let your gift go where it is needed most.


If there's a special person you wish to honor, a gift through your will or trust makes a beautiful tribute gift.


When you leave us a gift in your will or trust, you build our long-term financial strength and enable us to continue our mission for generations to come.


A gift that costs nothing during your lifetime.

Do you dream of making a transformational gift? The kind that creates a better future? A gift that leaves a lasting statement to the world about who you are and what you care about. 

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More simple ways to make your mark on the future...

  • Make a gift through your retirement plan 
  • Give life insurance you no longer need 
  • Donate appreciated stock and save on taxes 
  • Make a gift that gives you fixed payments for life 
  • Make a gift that protects your assets