Elizabeth “Betty” Miner Willis Atrium Dedication


We started off the new year in a big way by having a dedication ceremony for our 6th floor atrium in the new tower. It is now the ‘Elizabeth “Betty” Miner Willis Atrium’. 

The 6th floor atrium is special because it is the atrium for the oncology floor. In 2021 alone, St. Anthony’s Hospital served about 1,500 newly diagnosed cancer patients. When the new tower was being designed, administration was aware that cancer patients have a difficult journey. Therefore, it was decided that this population deserves the “penthouse” floor of the new tower.

Betty Willis was a nurse herself; she knows the importance of quality healthcare and instilled this value in her family. Her son, Robert, is a member of the St. Anthony’s Hospital board.

We are thankful for Betty’s generous donation and her commitment to building a healthier community.