St. Anthony's Hospital New Patient Care Tower On The Rise

​As the new patient tower construction continues, the new tower is taking shape. The two large concrete structures in the photo are the new public elevator shaft (on the left) and the stairwell (on the right) and shows the tower’s height.  While these are the most visible features currently, the building frame is becoming more apparent.

"This is an exciting time during this phase of construction," said Scott Smith, St. Anthony’s Hospital president. “Robins & Morton, our construction partners, included two tower cranes in their proposal to improve the efficiency of the build,” Scott said. “It is exciting to see both tower cranes in action.”

While the outside tower construction is visible and it’s easy to keep up with daily changes, the interior renovations are “hidden” behind construction barriers to minimize dust in the hospital. These current projects include: new spaces for team resources, employee health, the release of information department, pre-admission testing (PATT) and hospital administration, which should be completed in October 2020. Additionally, the cafeteria and kitchen will be moving to the first floor.

“The department relocations will help us bring patient and customer service functions to the first floor,” Scott said. “This will also help us to improve the customer experience.”

Once the departments move to their new space, then several other departments, including respiratory therapy and non-invasive cardiology will move into newly renovated spaces. “It’s a little like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Tim McMahon, director of operations. “It all comes together in the end.”

new patient care tower st. anthony's hospital