Successful WIP Luncheon

WIP Members

On March 16th, we hosted the Women in Philanthropy (WIP) Luncheon. WIP members make an annual donation of $1,000 and are invited to the luncheon to vote on how their cumulative donation will be spent to benefit the hospital.

This year, WIP members funded $140,000 worth of new technology for the hospital. The funded items are:

  • SonoSite Ultrasound ($21,236.75) - Using an ultrasound machine provides visualization of veins and arteries for placement of vascular lines.
  • Amwell C500 ($16,384.96) - This telemedicine cart supports all telehealth needs, including urgent care, chronic care management, and healthy living.
  • Caregiver Wellness Retreat ($10,000) - The retreat provides respite for caregivers, relieving them from their caregiving duties.
  • Faxitron (Partially Funded -  $92,378.29) - This system allows for faster procedure time because margins will be quickly identified.

We are appreciative to all WIP members whose contributions continue to improve the health of our community!

Interested in becoming a WIP member? Click here to learn more.