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Atlas of Retinal Imaging in Alzheimer's Study

Physicians from St. Anthony’s team up with principle investigators at the University of Rhode Island to mark the start of a brilliant year and a $5 million Alzheimer’s study. ARIAS – a clinical research trial of retinal screening processes that could help clinicians detect Alzheimer's disease possibly two or more decades before impacting memory. The objective of the five-year longitudinal study is to create a gold standard reference database of imaging of the retina to identify reliable biomarkers of early Alzheimer's. This research study was designed to help advance our understanding and develop a screening tool with an ultimate goal to identify Alzheimer's risk 10-15 years before clinically visible and impacting memory. 
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  • Screening protocol to be implemented by providers in the community.
  • Develop a point-of-care diagnostic that will allow for effective screening and early intervention of individuals at risk for AD using retinal biomarkers developed by our ARIAS study.
  • The Memory Disorders Center at St. Anthony's designated primary testing location in St. Petersburg.

Dr. Stewart Sinoff
A Principal Investigator for ARIAS (Florida) Stuart E. Sinoff, MD.
Dr. Sinoff specializes in Neuro-ophthalmology and is the Medical Director of
Neurosciences for BayCare Health System’s West Region.