Support Services

Support Services

We recognize that a cancer diagnosis can be very stressful. Cancer isn’t just a medical condition and there’s more to healing than surgery and drug therapies. As experienced counselors, social workers and cancer care navigators, we can help you sort through your feelings, guide you through your care and teach  you relaxation techniques and stress reduction methods  to help you cope more effectively as you adjust to living with your diagnosis.  Breast Care Nurse Navigator: The Nurse Navigator is available to provide individualized guidance to anyone  who has been diagnosed or treated for breast cancer at St. Anthony’s Hospital. The role of our Nurse Navigator is to follow patients throughout every aspect of treatment and assist as needed with coordination of care prescribed by the patient’s team of breast health specialists.


To meet the needs of caregivers we have initiated a respite camp for caregivers to unwind from the burdens of their duties. An annual event where caregivers of people with memory disorders go on a free retreat that includes art and music therapy, kayaking and massages.

"Camp Caregiver was my first night away from taking care of my wife in 19 years. sharing my experience with others touched by memory disorders left me knowing that i was not in this alone.” - James A.

Camp Caregiver