Women’s Health

The Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center at St. Anthony's Hospital will provide you with the highest quality screening and diagnostic imaging services available in a tranquil atmosphere. We have assembled a notable network of dedicated professionals, services and resources, all committed to providing you with convenient, personalized care tailored to your individual health care needs in a relaxing, comfortable environment.

Successful treatment of breast cancer begins with early detection. 

St. Anthony’s POWER Breast Cancer Program is an exercise regimen specifically designed for breast cancer survivors, giving them a crucial step in the direction to take back control of their life. The feedback from patients on this program is nothing but praise and positivity.

"With simple stretching and some weight-bearing exercises, I can physically feel a great improvement. Most of these I had not been able to do since my cancer diagnosis in February 2016."
 - Kathleen Cunningham

POWER breast cancer program